Within EVENTS Project 23 Deliverables are foreseen. These documents reflect the project results and outcomes and are written and reviewed by the project experts. As soon as the documents are officially released, the Public Deliverables (PU) as well as an executive summary of the sensitive (SEN) ones will be provided on this section.

*R=Document, report | *DEC=Websites, patent filings, videos, etc | *DEM=Demonstrator, pilot, prototype

WP NoDel NoDeliverable TitleDiss. levelTypeMonthLeader
WP1Del 1.1Quality and Risk Management PlanPUR03ICCS
WP1Del 1.2Project repository and collaboration toolSENDEC04ICCS
WP1Del 1.3Data Management PlanSENR06WMG
WP1Del 1.4Revised Data Management PlanSENR30WMG
WP2Del 2.1User and system requirements for selected use casesPUR07CRF
WP2Del 2.2Full Stack Architecture & InterfacesPUR10HIT-FR
WP2Del 2.3Vehicle System Hazard Analysis & Risk AssessmentPUR12APTIV-DE
WP3Del 3.1Perception Components MethodsPUOTHER16TUD
WP3Del 3.2Perception System and Self-AssessmentPUOTHER24TUD
WP4Del 4.1Initial version of motion planning and behavioural decision-making componentsPUOTHER17TECN
WP4Del 4.2Motion planningPUOTHER24TECN
WP4Del 4.3Behavioural decision-makingPUOTHER24CRF
WP4Del 4.4Fail-Safe vehicle controlPUOTHER24CRF
WP5Del 5.1System integration in the virtual testing setupPUDEM26TECN
WP5Del 5.2System integration in the prototype vehiclesSENDEM30CRF
WP5Del 5.3System SOTIF compliance test reportPUR30APTIV-DE
WP6Del 6.1Experimental procedures and evaluation
WP6Del 6.2Technical evaluation resultsPUR36CRF
WP6Del 6.3Sensor suites analysisPUR36HIT-FR
WP7Del 7.1EVENTS Communication, Dissemination, and social awarenessPUR06SEAB
WP7Del 7.2Initial EVENTS Exploitation plan, Innovation map & Standardization activitiesSENR18WMG
WP7Del 7.3Intermediate EVENTS Communication, Dissemination, and social awarenessPUR18SEAB
WP7Del 7.4Final EVENTS Communication, Dissemination, and social awarenessPUR36SEAB
WP7Del 7.5Final EVENTS Exploitation plan, Innovation map & Standardization activitiesSENR36SEAB