SEABILITY ltd is active in the fields of transport and logistics. Being a user of road transport operations SEABility is highly interested in new technologies and particularly in the effect that automation will have in operations. The challenges we handle are related to connectivity issues, data handling and security. SEABility acts also as an ICT and technology provider offering State of the Art solutions and consultancy services on all its core business domains (e.g. logistics, transport, etc.), as well as new business areas such as environmental applications, and safety and security applications.

What is your role and involvement in the EVENTS project?

SEABILITY is responsible for leading the outreach efforts under Work Package 7, encompassing dissemination and communication activities, exploitation and innovation management, as well as social innovation and gender equality initiatives. Our activities, also, include participation in standardization and international liaison efforts. Additionally, SEABILITY contributes to quality and risk management, as well as to data management and open science.

How will the communication and dissemination efforts of the EVENTS project contribute to its sustainability and long-term impact?

Since the project’s commencement, SEABILITY has paid particular attention to its long-term sustainability impact. The team’s efforts were concentrated on developing a comprehensive Communication & Dissemination Plan that outlines clear goals, target audiences, key messages, and timelines for dissemination and communication activities (First version of the plan is available here and the updated version here). This plan strategically aims to maintain a focused and consistent approach to communication, even after the project’s completion. To build a broad base of support and interest in the project’s outcomes, the team has been proactively engaged with diverse stakeholders, including industry professionals, policymakers, academic researchers, and the general public, through regular updates, workshops, conferences, and booths. By leveraging various dissemination channels such as social media, professional networks, academic journals, industry conferences, and local media, the project ensures that its findings reach a wide and varied audience, increasing the chances of long-term impact.

Additionally, research findings, data, and other outputs are published in open access formats, making the knowledge generated by the EVENTS project readily available to the research community and the public, thus facilitating further research and application. A digital repository, called EVENTS material Hub (accessible here) has been created to archive all project-related publications, presentations, and other dissemination materials, serving as a long-term resource for researchers, practitioners, and policymakers interested in connected and automated (CAV) driving and CAV technology. The project has also formed strategic partnerships with industry, academia, and associations, fora and committees, to ensure ongoing collaboration and support for its objectives, helping to sustain interest and investment in the research areas explored by the EVENTS project.

It is, also worth to highlight that EVENTS is actively engaging policy discussions, where the project aims to influence standards related to CAVs and automated driving, shaping an environment that could support the adoption and advancement of its innovations. Through this set of strategies, the EVENTS project aims to ensure that its communication and dissemination efforts not only support its immediate goals but also contribute to the sustained impact and ongoing advancement of CAV technology and research..

How will the EVENTS promote understanding and interest in automated driving technology, especially considering its focus on social innovation and gender equality??

To promote understanding and interest in automated driving technology, the EVENTS project is planning to conduct a set of activities, as part of its commitment to social innovation and gender equality. A key initiative involves organizing a dedicated summer school (mainly -but not limited to-) for female university researchers and students, aimed at encouraging their participation in the technical and scientific fields covered by the project. This school will be realized within 2025. Additionally, promotional webinars will be held for female students from high scientific schools to stimulate their interest and guide them towards educational opportunities related to automated driving technology. EVENTS webinars are scheduled for the second semester of 2024 and the first semester of 2025. By focusing on these activities, EVENTS aims to address significant barriers for women in the automotive industry, such as the lack of work-life balance and opportunities. Each partner within the project is committed to promoting gender equality, ensuring transparency, and maintaining workplace equality.

How will the project ensure that its innovations are aligned with the latest technological trends and industry standards?

The EVENTS project will ensure that its innovations are aligned with the latest technological trends and industry standards through continuous monitoring and engagement with the broader research and industrial community. This will include regular participation in industry conferences, workshops, and seminars to stay updated on the latest advancements and trends in automated driving technology. The project has also established an advisory board comprising industry experts and academics, who are able to provide guidance and feedback on the project’s direction and outputs. Lastly, the project’s internal innovation management processes will include mechanisms for capturing and integrating technological developments, allowing the team to adapt and refine their innovations in response to emerging trends and requirements.

Anything else you would like to mention or highlight?

In conclusion, the EVENTS project demonstrates a comprehensive approach to communication, dissemination, exploitation and innovation management, ensuring that its research findings and innovations not only achieve market readiness but also remain aligned with the latest technological trends and industry standards. By strategically engaging with relevant stakeholders, securing intellectual property, and leveraging a robust dissemination plan, the project aims to translate its advancements into impactful solutions. Concurrently, through continuous monitoring, active participation in the research community, and an adaptive innovation management framework, the EVENTS project is well-positioned to maintain its relevance and drive the future of robust perception and decision-making for automated driving. These efforts collectively underscore the project’s commitment to long-term sustainability, social innovation, and gender equality, ensuring that its outcomes benefit a wide range of stakeholders and contribute positively to society.

Ms. Olga Diamanti,

Director SEABILITY Ltd

EVENTS Communication & Dissemination Manager