The 9th Intelligent Transport Systems Conference Transportation & Logistics 2024 took place between 05-06 of June 2024, in Athens, Greece.

Building on the successful tradition of previous conferences this year’s ‘ITS Hellas Conference focused on the dynamics of the triangle ‘explore, reshape, innovate’ to investigate the transformational nature of Intelligent Network Systems as important drivers for innovation. Intelligent Transport Systems are already shaping the future of transportation and logistics globally and our country is on the path towards leveraging ITS.

In this setting, collaboration and strategic partnership appears a cornerstone for success and innovation, enabling stakeholders to harness collective efforts, resources and expertise, address complex common challenges and unlock the full potential of ITS for the benefit of all.

This year’s ITS Hellas conference, once again invited the Greek community to a 2 day inspiring exchange! New business models, enabling technologies and experimentations already underway were presented, making this  meeting a unique opportunity to learn, network and discuss the latest results and challenges on the deployment of intelligent network systems in Greece.

This year’s event included:

  • 2 days – 6 Themes & Sessions
  • 8 Keynote speakers. Representatives from international community, EU and Greek governmental bodies
  • Over 30 speakers from policy, research, industry & business realm
  • Exhibition
  • Satellite events
  • B2B meetings

EVENTS project was showcased in the ICCS booth, during the two-days event.

Material was disseminated to both participants and attendees of the event and stimulating discussions took place between the audience!